Journal Articles by J. B. Leader

A. Ulloa, L. Jing, C. W. Good, S. Raghunath, J. D. Suever, C. D. Nevius, G. J. Wehner, D. N. Hartzel, et al.
Deep-learning-assisted analysis of echocardiographic videos improves predictions of all-cause mortality
Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2021
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A. E. Ulloa-Cerna, L. Jing, J. M. Pfeifer, S. Raghunath, J. A. Ruhl, D. B. Rocha, J. B. Leader, N. Zimmerman, et al.
rECHOmmend: an ECG-based machine-learning approach for identifying patients at high-risk of undiagnosed structural heart disease detectable by echocardiography
medRxiv, 2021
S. Raghunath, A. Ulloa, L. Jing, J. Stough, D. N. Hartzel, J. B. Leader, H. L. Kirchner, M. C. Stumpe, et al.
Prediction of mortality from 12-lead electrocardiogram voltage data using a deep neural network
Nature medicine, 26(6), 2020
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L. Jing, A. Ulloa, C. W. Good, N. M. Sauers, G. Schneider, D. N. Hartzel, J. B. Leader, H. L. Kirchner, et al.
A machine learning approach to management of heart failure populations
Heart Failure, 8(7), 2020
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A. Basile, A. Ulloa, A. Lucas, A. Frase, V. Abedi, M. Ritchie, H. L. Kirchner, C. Manney, et al.
Using a simulation approach to evaluate data-driven algorithms for studying clinical heterogeneity in complex traits
TBC, 2017
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